Party Lights


Lucenzo ft. Willy William and Lylloo – Baila Kuduro (HOT)

Smarty Music ft. LMFAO – Party Lights

Papa Sensato ft. Pitbull – Crazy People (Re-up)


Chico and Tom ft. Lee – Where Do You Go (Bigroom Mix)

Coffee and Honey ft. Grace – Let Me Be Free (Dani B and Stefano Fay Remix)

DJ Kuba and NE!TAN ft. Nicco – Jump (Mandee Remix)

Dj Sava ft. Andreea D and Yolo – Free 

DJ Stylezz and DJ Rich-Art – Party (DJ Viduta Remix)

E-Partment ft. Kandy – Hang On (Ph Electro Remix)

Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo) (Moguai Remix)

Flavy Deejay – The One (Radio Edit)

Guiseppe Funka – Take Me Over (Remix)

Kriss Raize ft. Tcheky – No More Love (Extended Mix)

L-Siska ft. Ketlin Sulli – Spring Explosion (Alphascan Club Mix)

Scooter – Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll

Solid Base ft. Robson – Mirror Mirror (Daan’D Remix)

Spankers – Pelo Pelo (Da Brozz Remix)

The Partysquad ft. Rochelle and Jayh – Body language (Kid Kaio Remix)

The Wanted – Lightning (Chuckie Club Mix)

Tom Hangs ft. Shermanology – Blessed (Cat Skillz Remix)

Topmodelz – L’Esperanza (Peppermint Project Remix)

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